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Subject: Make money by reading emails!!
Replies: 6 Views: 2003

macnicko 14.09.09 - 01:26am
I just wanted to let you know about a great new
Internet program called E-Mail Pays U! They pay you
for simply reading email! To make it even better they
will give you 10 just to join up. E-Mail Pays U will
even pay you when your friends and family read e-mail!
I know you'd like to earn some easy extra cash!
It doesn't get any easier than this.
signing up for Free and earn a quick 10!!
Join today and earn a Free 10! E-mail Pays U
is totally free, privacy-protected and the money is real!
Best of luck.

cityfemx 17.10.09 - 09:10am
anyone done this yet? *

zods 11.12.09 - 07:19pm
this sounds helpful and interesting but how does it really work? *

waplinxs 5.07.10 - 08:47pm
so, anyone know if this works yet? *

blesosme 16.07.10 - 06:17am
How will i get my money? *

waplinxs 21.07.10 - 11:33pm
you most probably wont. Lol *

endybest 15.05.11 - 10:05pm
how wil i get my money my nam nd *

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