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mukaj2 26.03.10 - 08:03am
IF U NEED IT JUST MAIL ME AT or or call me on 07033610876 *

mukaj2 1.04.10 - 11:37am
Now is out all u need to do is just go to ur apn: type u login true ur home page by putting if u want operamin just contact me i will give u as much as u need my service *

endybest 10.08.10 - 11:44pm
pls i need mtn free browser settings i am Ndubuisi *

mukaj2 23.10.10 - 05:06pm
okay let go now to it you can easly browsa on pc by download a software call indiawebproxy all you need to d is that just go to google to search for the software after danloding that call me with my number or mail me at pls reply this post to know may you an intereast i will post setting here if i people repling the post *

mukaj2 23.10.10 - 05:32pm
for your browsing on your phone danlond cast opera5 on install it with 10'199'212'2 then open it then type to costomsever typ this in 94-24-246-126-96 then scroll down to host typ *

mukaj2 13.12.10 - 01:31pm
oooooo new free browing is out by airlet using of mtn am coming to post it here my pple hahaha *

mukaj2 13.12.10 - 01:34pm
loading............................loading...............//////////////////////////////............... *

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